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Phoenix High School is the place to help you get on with your life. We have gathered the best teachers from around the area to work with you individually to help you further your goals. Our dedicated staff is ready for the challenge. Are you?
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Phoenix High School Opens New Microsoft

IT Academy Lab

David Moeller

Teachers are thankful for a lab filled with brand new computers at Phoenix High School, tools students need to succeed in the Microsoft IT Academy launching in January.

With Microsoft IT Academy institutions get digital curriculum and certifications on fundamental technology skills—as well as courses critical for students to be successful in today’s technologically evolving world—all at significantly reduced pricing for academic institutions and their educators, students and staff.
Microsoft IT Academy website

“What a blessing you have bestowed upon us,” said Jackie Edwards, a teacher at Phoenix High. “Thank you doesn’t seem to even demonstrate the true depth of the appreciation we feel for such an opportunity for our students.”

Microsoft IT Academies at Northwest and Southeast high schools will launch along with Phoenix in January. The technology team has been working hard to meet the timeline.

“Phoenix started the year not even having the computers that would run the Microsoft Office 2013 software–nevermind the fact that we didn’t have MS Office 2013 or our account access to Microsoft IT Academy,” said district Instructional Technology Coach Betsy Clem. “Our school district has really pulled together to get this program off and running.”

This investment will clear the way for students to earn industry-recognized certification; Microsoft Office Specialist in Microsoft Office 2013. This will prepare them to enter the world of work or enter college well-prepared to create the projects their professors will assign.

Article by: Eric Beaver, WCS Blog, Dec. 4, 2013

PHS Receives GACHE Grant For 2011-12

On September 20, 2011 Phoenix High School received a grant in the amount of $7,500 from the Georgia Appalachian Center for Higher Education (GACHE).  The grant will be used by Phoenix High School to implement strategies that encourage and assist students to continue their education beyond high school.  In fact, GACHE’s own slogan reiterates this change of attitude in our society.  It states that we are “Moving the finish line from high school graduation to post secondary and career success”

This is the second year in a row that Phoenix High School has been awarded the GACHE Grant and we are excited once again to be able to expose our students to post secondary educational experiences that they otherwise would not have known about.  Furthermore, we look forward to the day when all our students transition into technical schools, trade schools, or colleges. 

Dr. Beth Hayes, Counselor, and Mrs. Mary Anne Fogle, Instructor, wrote the GACHE Grant for Phoenix High School.  Dr. Hayes and Mrs. Fogle will be planning many different events during the upcoming school year.

Toney Talley

Phoenix High School Receives Recognition and Award from Ga. School Supt. Cox

Phoenix High School was recognized on September 29, 2009 by state superintendent Kathy Cox for raising test scores during the previous school year.

Cox announced the winners of the second annual Superintendent's Distinguished Acheivement awards. The awards honor the top ten highest achieving schools and the top ten schools making the greatest improvements on state curriculum tests.

Phoenix High School received two awards for improving on the percentage of students passing portions of the Georgia High School Graduation Test for the first time. In Science, Phoenix students increased from 55 percent passing in 2007-2008 school year to 75% percent passing in the 2008-2009 school year, the fifth highest improvement in the state. Social Studies passing percentages rose from 50% to 72.2, second highest in the state.

Phoenix students also received recognition for improvement on the Georgia High School Writing Test, increasing from 73.3 percent meeting or exceeding standards to 95.2 percent, the fourth highest in Georgia.

Phoenix students, teachers, administrators, and community have a lot to be proud of. Keep up the hard work.

Source: Daily Citizen News, September 30, 2009 Edition.


From Left to Right: Dr. Beth Hayes, Mr. Fred Toney, and Mrs. Mary Anne Fogle

PHS Receives GACHE Grant

Phoenix High School is proud to announce that it has been selected as a recipient of the Georgia Appalachian Center for Higher Education (GACHE) Grant.  The purpose of GACHE is to increase student interest and participation in furthering their educational opportunities beyond high school. 

The GACHE Check Presentation ceremony took place at The Forum in Rome, Georgia on October 25, 2010 beginning at 9:00 a.m. Governor Sonny Perdue, Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Mike Beatty, officials from four Regional Educational Service Agencies (RESA) and Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) representatives were in attendance. 

We are fortunate here at Phoenix High School to have Mrs. Maryanne Fogle and Dr. Beth Hayes devote such a large amount of their time to writing, editing, designing, proffering, and proposing such wonderful opportunities for our students in order to qualify to receive the GACHE Grant.  It is a fantastic occasion for our students to benefit from these resources.

GACHE is administered by North Georgia College and University in Dahlonega, Georgia. In an effort to address the barriers Appalachian students face regarding access to higher education, GACHE makes funds available to Georgia public high schools on a competitive basis to implement new, expanded, or innovative strategies for improving both access to and success in college for high school students. GACHE also provides technical assistance and training to school grantees, and serves as a community resource center offering information and data related to activities that improve higher education access.

Special Notice


Check Redi



The Whitfield County Schools is always looking for ways to be more efficient and effective in our fiscal policies.  Receipt of checks returned unpaid by the bank is a time consuming and costly issue to the district. As with any business, the Whitfield County Schools has an obligation to our clients, the community taxpayers, to be fiscally accountable.  Processing returned checks can take valuable time from the school district personnel. To manage this process, our district will begin using CHECKredi on September 10, 2010 to protect the interest of all in our school system community against the time consuming and costly recovery of returned checks.  CHECKredi utilizes the federal and state laws allowing the electronic recovery process of returned checks which results in a high rate of recovery at no cost to the school district. The cost becomes the responsibility of those who wrote the returned check with the recovery of the face amount of the check and the state fee from the bad check writer.  The returned check may be electronically recovered along with the state allowed fee from the check writer’s bank account.

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Online Work Permits

The Georgia Department of Labor is implementing a new Online Work Permit System.
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What do our Seniors think about Phoenix

The following are some of the comments from a few of our seniors from their graduation application:

  • "Phoenix High School has meant a lot to me  because here I found the courage and the help I needed in order to  graduate."
  • "It has helped me realize that graduation is important  by putting it within reach again.  I have achieved a higher gratitude for life itself."
  • "It gave me a better opportunity.  It  helped me get the credits I needed to graduate.  Phoenix is a school out of many that I attended that I didn't mind to get up every morning to  attend."
  • "Phoenix High School is a great school and the  teachers here really care for us."
  • "I love being here because it gives you a  second chance at graduating.  Like me, I have a daughter and I thought I  wouldn't be able to finish high school.  But now I am and I am really happy!"
  • "Every step of the way the staff has been there for  me.  No matter how many times I have left and come back they have welcomed me with open arms."
  • "Phoenix has helped me meet the requirements I  need to graduate on time.  It has helped me take my education into my own  hands."
  • "Phoenix High School has helped me reach my goals so that I can do more with my life."



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