District Downloads

Click a folder to see files available for that topic. Items range from printable school calendars and lunch menus to the Whitfield County Schools Student Discipline Code of Conduct and archives of the WCS Accountability Report we publish every fall, winter, and summer.

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Folder Printable Calendars (4 Files)
Download 2016-2017 School Calendar
Download Calendario escolar 2016-2017
Download 2017-2018 School Calendar
Download Calendario escolar 2017-2018
Folder Transportation (Buses & Zoning) (4 Files)
Download Transportación Escolar del Condado Whitfield
Download Transportation Information for Parents
Download WCS District Travel Map
Download WCS Street-by-Street Zoning Guide
Folder WCS Accountability Reports (19 Files)
Download 2017-02 WCS Accountability Report
Download 2017-02 WCS Boletí­n informativo
Download 2016-10 WCS Accountability Report
Download 2016-10 WCS Boletí­n informativo
Download 2016-02 WCS Accountability Report
Download 2016-02 WCS Boletín informativo
Download 2015-10 WCS Accountability Report
Download 2015-10 WCS Boletín informativo
Download 2015-06 WCS Accountability Report
Download 2015-02 WCS Accountability Report
Download 2015-02 WCS Boletín informativo
Download 2014-10 WCS Accountability Report
Download 2014-10 WCS Boletín informativo
Download 2014-06 WCS Accountability Report
Download 2014-06 WCS Boletín informativo
Download 2014-02 WCS Accountability Report
Download 2014-02 WCS Boletín informativo
Download 2013-10 WCS Accountability Report
Download 2013-10 WCS Boletín informativo
Folder Assessment Information (8 Files)
Download Parents' Guide to New Tests in Georgia
Download Guía Para los Padres Sobre las Nuevas Evaluaciones Escolares en Georgia
Download Georgia Milestones - Questions and Answers for Parents
Download Georgia Milestones - Preguntas y respuestas para los padres
Download Assessment Calendar - Elementary
Download Assessment Calendar - Middle
Download Assessment Calendar - High
Download Assessment Calendar - District
Folder Guides & Handbooks (4 Files)
Download Student Discipline Code of Conduct
Download Sistema Escolar del Condado Whitfield Codigo de Conducta Estudiantil
Download Title I Parent Involvement Plan
Download Plan de Tí­tulo I sobre la Participación de los Padres
Folder District Information (9 Files)
Download Clear Privacy Practices (English)
Download Clear Privacy Practices (English-Spanish)
Download PIC Brochure
Download PIC Brochure (Spanish)
Download PIC, Interpreter, Translator Poster
Download Plan estratégico de cinco años
Download WCS Organizational Chart
Download WCS Vision, Mission, and Beliefs
Download Whitfield County Schools Strategic Plan
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