We encourage people to visit our schools and hope you find an opportunity to volunteer and support the exciting work students and staff enjoy every day. This page provides more information about how you can volunteer in our schools.

Georgia law requires volunteers in our schools to be mandatory reporters of child abuse. Potential volunteers should learn more about child abuse from the Governor’s Office for Children and Families at Georgia State University.

Those who wish to volunteer must visit Pro Solutions to set up a free account and take the course titled Mandated Reporters: Critical Links in Protecting Children in Georgia.Volunteers may print the certificate of completion to carry to the school. Those who choose to volunteer at multiple schools can make copies of the certificate for each school.

Please print and complete the following forms and take them to the schools where you wish to volunteer:

Whitfield County Schools uses Secure Volunteer to screen volunteers at bib.com/SecureVolunteer/Whitfield-County-Schools/


Background Check for Volunteers

State law requires some volunteers to also undergo a criminal background check. Volunteers who will be responsible for students must have a background check in addition to taking the Mandated Reporters course online. Some examples include:

  • taking a student/small groups of students out of the classroom to work with them independently
  • a chaperone on a field trip that will be responsible for a group of students
  • a chaperone who is responsible for a group of students on an overnight trip (Ex. 3 or 4 students assigned to a room to be chaperoned by a volunteer)
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