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Strategic Waivers


The purposes of the Georgia Student Assessment Program are to measure student achievement of the state mandated curriculum, to identify students failing to achieve mastery of content, to provide teachers with diagnostic information, and to assist school systems in identifying strengths and weaknesses in order to establish priorities in planning educational programs.

Download the National PTA Parents' Guide to New Tests in Georgia in English and Spanish.


These are some of the resources provided by the Georgia Department of Education for teachers and parents. Learn more at the state’s website for the Georgia Milestones Assessment System.


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Testing Plan

The Assessment Security Policy and Procedures Plan sets forth the test security policies, procedures, and responsibilities that the Whitfield County Schools (WCS) has established for the district's assessment program.  Online test administration requires the delivery of very detailed information that differs from the training that most are familiar with (for paper/pencil testing).  Additionally, it may require the inclusion of staff members who were not included in trainings before - such as technology specialists, online tests coordinators, etc.)  It is intended for use by all WCS personnel, as appropriate.  This plan includes several items taken directly from the 2015-2016 Georgia Department of Education's Student Assessment Handbook (GaDOE SAH) with enhancements for WCS.  The language and procedures set forth in the WCS Security Plan do not supersede any requirements in the GaDOE SAH.

Testing Accommodations

Students in different grade levels are required to take periodic assessments to monitor their level of achievement and to help us customize instruction that helps them succeed. Information about the assessments we provide during the school year for elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as students preparing for college and career are provided according to grade level.

Testing coordinators who work with students in Whitfield County Schools collaborate with the Georgia Department of Education to ensure all students have equal opportunities to complete all required assessments. The Accommodations Manual provided by the state education department defines which students are eligible for accommodations (from p. 7 of the manual last updated in August 2016):

In Georgia, three groups of students are eligible for accommodations – students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP), students with an Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP), also known as a Section 504 plan, and English Language Learners with a Test Participation Plan (ELL/TPC). This manual addresses the use of test accommodations for students with disabilities, students with an IEP or IAP. This manual does not address accommodations for ELL students. For information on appropriate accommodations for ELL students, please refer to the Student Assessment Handbook.

Learn more about the Georgia Student Assessment Program at the Department of Education.

Research Requests

Studying Whitfield County Schools? Please download and complete an application (doc) for your Action Research Proposal and return it to Audrey M. Williams, Ed.D.

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